Earthy Names

Earthy baby names can be the perfect choice for your newborn boy, girl, cat, or dog -- they can provide meaningful symbolism and an inherent connection with nature. Explore the meanings behind some of the world's top Earthy names.

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Earthy names provide the unique and meaningful symbolism that many parents are looking for when they name their newborn boy or girl. If you desire a name that connects to nature, an earthy name may be your best choice. The perfect earthy name doesn't always originate from a traditional English word as many modern earthy names come from different languages and dialects. There are a wide variety of creative options at your disposal. And these names aren't just perfect for babies; you can also use them for cats and dogs too!

50 Most Popular Earthy Names

1stJasmineFragrant flower, jasmine flower, a flower in the olive family.
2ndJayBlue jay, a bird in the crow family, various.
3rdSavannahA treeless place, a city in georgia, from the open plain, open plain, grassland without trees, savannah, plain.
4thJasperTreasurer, king of the treasure, semi-precious stone, ornamental stone, horseman, treasure master.
5thLilyLily, lily flower, of the night.
6thRobinBright fame, of shining fame, famous brilliance.
7thHollyTo prick, plant with red berries, holly tree, holly.
8thRockyDweller by the rock, rocky, stone, stoney, craggy.
9thJadeStone of the side, green gemstone, gemstone, precious gemstone.
10thPhoenixBright or red, city in arizona, blood red, dark crimson, phoenix, deep red.
11thAmberA jewel, fossilized tree resin or color orange, red, gemstone, precious jewel, orange, brown fossilized resin used as gemstone, amber.
12thDrakeDragon, snake, dragon trademark.
13thRubyReddish, red gemstone, ruby gemstone.
14thAshAsh tree, from the ash tree, meadow of ash trees.
15thHeatherFlower, heather plant, flowering plant, a flowering plant, heather.
16thRowanFrom the rowan tree, tree with red berries, red haired, ruadhan's descendent.
17thHarmonyA state of order or agreement, musical combination of chords, harmony, a beautiful blending.
18thRiverFlowing water, actor river phoenix, stream of water that flows to the sea, river stream, river.
19thDaisyEye of the day, daisy flower.
20thFoxCunning, wild animal in dog family, fox.
21stSummerThe warmest season of the year, summer, summer season, the summer season, summertime.
22ndEdenParadise, place of delight, delightful, adornment.
23rdCrystalClear or unblemished, earth mineral or brilliant glass, ice looking, a clear, brilliant glass, brilliant as glass, clear.
24thDaleHollow or valley, valley, living in a valley.
25thRoseFlower, rose, rose blossom, of the rose blossom, rose flower, beautiful flower.
26thSkyThe isle of skye, sky.
27thAutumnMature, fall season, season of fall, autumn.
28thBasilKingly, king, imperial, monarchic or royal, like a king.
29thAprilSecond, opening, 4th month, open, springtime.
30thTigerPowerful cat, tiger.
31stHazelHazelnut, the hazel tree, hazel tree.
32ndHeathA heath or a moor, heathland, hailing from a region with heather, wasteland, land with sandy soil, heath.
33rdIvyClimber, climbing vine plant, climbing plant, ivy tree.
34thAspenQuaking tree, aspen tree.
35thWillowGraceful or slender, from the willow grove, willow tree, from the willow tree.
36thLeafFoliage, dear, darling.
37thVioletBluish purple, purple, blue flower, violet flower.
38thStormTempestuous, a storm, tempest, violent weather.
39thPoppyFlower, from the flower, poppy flower, from the poppy flower.
40thBrooksSon of brooke, from the brook, from a stream, a brook, stream, running water, brooke's son.
41stLunaThe moon, of the moon, god of moon.
42ndWolfWolf, running wolf.
43rdCherryCherry red, cherry fruit, love and generosity, cherry.
44thForrestWoodsman, wooded area, dweller of the forest, of the woods, forest, from the woods.
45thRavenBlackbird, dark bird.
46thWoodyFrom the lane in the woods, from the name woods.
47thIrisRainbow, goddess of the rainbow, colorful, colors of rainbow, name of a flower.
48thJetBlack gemstone.
49thSierraMountain, mountain range, from the mountains, black & beautiful, black, saw-toothed.
50thRockRock, actor rock hudson, rock or stone, stone, from the name rockne, rocky spring.