Earthy Names starting with H

Are you looking to discover rare Earthy names starting with H? Check out these creative options for your baby girl, cat, or dog and find the true origins of these Earthy options!

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Earthy names provide the unique and meaningful symbolism that many parents are looking for when they name their newborn boy or girl. If you desire a name that connects to nature, an earthy name may be your best choice. The perfect earthy name doesn't always originate from a traditional English word as many modern earthy names come from different languages and dialects. There are a wide variety of creative options at your disposal. And these names aren't just perfect for babies; you can also use them for cats and dogs too!

All Earthy Names starting with H

HadarBoyGlory of god, splendor or glory, splendour, ornamented, citrus fruit, glory, splendor.
HarmonyGirlA state of order or agreement, musical combination of chords, harmony, a beautiful blending.
HavenBoyA refuge or shelter, safe place, sanctuary.
HazelGirlHazelnut, the hazel tree, hazel tree.
HeathBoyA heath or a moor, heathland, hailing from a region with heather, wasteland, land with sandy soil, heath.
HeatherGirlFlower, heather plant, flowering plant, a flowering plant, heather.
HeavenGirlParadise, home of the gods and celestial beings, sky, heaven, eternal happiness.
HollyGirlTo prick, plant with red berries, holly tree, holly.
HoneyGirlSweet, sweet as honey, honey, a loved one or a sweetheart.
HyacinthGirlThe flower, hyacinth flower, the flower hyacinth.
HyacinthBoyThe flower hyacinth.