Earthy Girl Names

What are the most popular Earthy names currently being used for baby girls? Find the trendiest options -- pet owners can also use these Earthy names for their cats and dogs!

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50 Most Popular Earthy Girl Names

1stJasmineFragrant flower, jasmine flower, a flower in the olive family.
2ndSavannahA treeless place, a city in georgia, from the open plain, open plain, grassland without trees, savannah, plain.
3rdLilyLily, lily flower, of the night.
4thHollyTo prick, plant with red berries, holly tree, holly.
5thJadeStone of the side, green gemstone, gemstone, precious gemstone.
6thAmberA jewel, fossilized tree resin or color orange, red, gemstone, precious jewel, orange, brown fossilized resin used as gemstone, amber.
7thRubyReddish, red gemstone, ruby gemstone.
8thHeatherFlower, heather plant, flowering plant, a flowering plant, heather.
9thHarmonyA state of order or agreement, musical combination of chords, harmony, a beautiful blending.
10thDaisyEye of the day, daisy flower.
11thSummerThe warmest season of the year, summer, summer season, the summer season, summertime.
12thCrystalClear or unblemished, earth mineral or brilliant glass, ice looking, a clear, brilliant glass, brilliant as glass, clear.
13thRoseFlower, rose, rose blossom, of the rose blossom, rose flower, beautiful flower.
14thAutumnMature, fall season, season of fall, autumn.
15thAprilSecond, opening, 4th month, open, springtime.
16thHazelHazelnut, the hazel tree, hazel tree.
17thIvyClimber, climbing vine plant, climbing plant, ivy tree.
18thWillowGraceful or slender, from the willow grove, willow tree, from the willow tree.
19thVioletBluish purple, purple, blue flower, violet flower.
20thPoppyFlower, from the flower, poppy flower, from the poppy flower.
21stLunaThe moon, of the moon, god of moon.
22ndCherryCherry red, cherry fruit, love and generosity, cherry.
23rdRavenBlackbird, dark bird.
24thIrisRainbow, goddess of the rainbow, colorful, colors of rainbow, name of a flower.
25thSierraMountain, mountain range, from the mountains, black & beautiful, black, saw-toothed.
26thAuroraDawn, dawn or daybreak, goddess of the dawn, sunrise.
27thDawnDaybreak or sunrise, sunrise, daybreak, first appearance of light, dawn.
28thStarStar, like a star, a star.
29thHeavenParadise, home of the gods and celestial beings, sky, heaven, eternal happiness.
30thSkyThe isle of skye, sky.
32ndSerenityTranquillity, peaceful disposition, serene, peaceful.
33rdEdenDelight, biblical: somewhere in arabia, paradise, place of delight.
34thWinterCold, the season, season of winter, winter.
35thJewelRare excellence, precious stone.
36thEbonyBlack, dark black-wooded tree, like dark smooth wood, dark strength, ebony wood, a dark wood, ebony, beautiful and dark.
37thMayTo increase, bitter, goddess maia, born in the month of may, the fifth month of the year.
38thHoneySweet, sweet as honey, honey, a loved one or a sweetheart.
39thPearlPearl, smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk, gemstone, a gem of the sea.
40thKittyPure, chaste, cat, young cat.
41stAcaciaThorny, thorny tree.
42ndRobinBright fame, of shining fame, famous brilliance.
43rdAppleThe apple fruit, apple.
44thSageWise, herb or prophet, herb, wise person, from the spice or prophet.
45thPhoenixBlood red, dark crimson, phoenix, deep red.
46thJuneSixth month of the year, born in june, month of june, the sixth month of the year.
47thRiverStream of water that flows to the sea, river stream, river.
48thFloraFlower, flowering, like a flower.
49thOliveOlive tree, olive or from the olive tree, the olive tree.
50thRowanFrom the rowan tree, ruadhan's descendent.