Earthy Girl Names starting with M

Are you looking to discover rare Earthy names starting with M? Check out these creative options for your baby girl, cat, or dog and find the true origins of these Earthy options!

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All Earthy Girl Names starting with M

MagnoliaFlowering tree, flower name, magnolia flower, from the flower.
MapleMaple tree, maple.
MareBitter or sea of bitterness, of the sea or bitter, sea of bitterness, beloved.
MarigoldMary's gold, yellow flower, marigold flower, golden mary, from the flower.
MavisJoy, songbird, song thrush.
MayTo increase, bitter, goddess maia, born in the month of may, the fifth month of the year.
MeadowA clearing, field or pasture land, field of grass or vegetation, from the field of grass, a meadow, a grassy field.
MyrtleMyrtle bush, evergreen shrub, myrtle, the tree, victory.