Earthy Girl Names starting with B

Are you looking to discover rare Earthy names starting with B? Check out these creative options for your baby girl, cat, or dog and find the true origins of these Earthy options!

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All Earthy Girl Names starting with B

BegoniaType of flower.
BerrySmall fruit, a berry.
BerylSea green, semi-precious stone, gemstone, green jewel, sea green jewel.
BetonyOf the vettones, good for the head.
BirdieLittle bird, bird.
BlossomFresh, flower, bloom, blossom, flower - like.
BluebellBluebell, blue flower.
BriarShrub, small tree, thorny plant.
Briar-RoseRose within a prickly shrub.
BrookA small stream, small stream, a brook, stream, brook.
BryonyStrong, poisonous climbing vine, flowering plant, vine with small blossoms.
BunnyRabbit, little rabbit, bunny.