Earthy Girl Names starting with A

Are you looking to discover rare Earthy names starting with A? Check out these creative options for your baby girl, cat, or dog and find the true origins of these Earthy options!

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All Earthy Girl Names starting with A

AcaciaThorny, thorny tree.
AlthaiaMedicinal herb, healing.
AltheaMarsh flower, one who heals, the healer, or wholesome.
AmberA jewel, fossilized tree resin or color orange, red, gemstone, precious jewel, orange, brown fossilized resin used as gemstone, amber.
AniseSpice, aniseed.
AppleThe apple fruit, apple.
AprilSecond, opening, 4th month, open, springtime.
AshFrom the ash tree, meadow of ash trees, ash tree.
AspenA tree, a city in colorado, quaking tree, the aspen tree, aspen tree.
AuroraDawn, dawn or daybreak, goddess of the dawn, sunrise.
AutumnMature, fall season, season of fall, autumn.
AvrilSecond, the month of april, open, april, springtime.
AzaleaFlower, dry flower, withered flower, dry.