Earthy Boy Names

What are the most popular Earthy names currently being used for baby boys? Find the trendiest options -- pet owners can also use these Earthy names for their cats and dogs!

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50 Most Popular Earthy Boy Names

1stJayBlue jay, a bird in the crow family, various.
2ndJasperTreasurer, king of the treasure, semi-precious stone, ornamental stone, horseman, treasure master.
3rdRobinBright fame, of shining fame, famous brilliance.
4thRockyDweller by the rock, rocky, stone, stoney, craggy.
5thPhoenixBright or red, city in arizona, blood red, dark crimson, phoenix, deep red.
6thDrakeDragon, snake, dragon trademark.
7thAshAsh tree, from the ash tree, meadow of ash trees.
8thRowanFrom the rowan tree, tree with red berries, red haired, ruadhan's descendent.
9thRiverFlowing water, actor river phoenix, stream of water that flows to the sea, river stream, river.
10thFoxCunning, wild animal in dog family, fox.
11thEdenParadise, place of delight, delightful, adornment.
12thDaleHollow or valley, valley, living in a valley.
13thSkyThe isle of skye, sky.
14thBasilKingly, king, imperial, monarchic or royal, like a king.
15thTigerPowerful cat, tiger.
16thHeathA heath or a moor, heathland, hailing from a region with heather, wasteland, land with sandy soil, heath.
17thAspenQuaking tree, aspen tree.
18thLeafFoliage, dear, darling.
19thStormTempestuous, a storm, tempest, violent weather.
20thBrooksSon of brooke, from the brook, from a stream, a brook, stream, running water, brooke's son.
21stWolfWolf, running wolf.
22ndForrestWoodsman, wooded area, dweller of the forest, of the woods, forest, from the woods.
23rdWoodyFrom the lane in the woods, from the name woods.
24thJetBlack gemstone.
25thRockRock, actor rock hudson, rock or stone, stone, from the name rockne, rocky spring.
26thLindenFrom near a lime tree, lime tree, linden hill.
27thBrookA small stream, small stream, a brook, stream.
28thSageWise, herb or prophet, herb, wise person, from the spice or prophet.
29thFlintA stream or a flintstone, flint rock, from an area with flint rock, hard quartz rock.
30thSeptemberBorn in september, seven or seventh, 7th month.
31stEagleEagle, bird of prey.
32ndHavenA refuge or shelter, safe place, sanctuary.
33rdRidgeFrom the ridge, edge of a cliff, ridge, ridge or backbone of a mountain.
34thBrackenBracken, descendant of breacan.
35thCloudVisible vapor, nebula, like a cloud, cloud.
39thAlderFrom the alder tree, alder tree.
40thBirchBright or shining, birch tree, close to birch trees.
42ndChickA man, diminutive form of charles.
43rdDarnelHidden place.
44thDustyValiant fighter, thor's stone or light dirt, tough like a stone of thor, full of dust.
45thFalconFalconry, bird in the hawk family, falcon-keeper, falcon.
46thFinchA small songbird, breeder or seller of finches, finch.
47thForresterWoodsman, of the forest, forest-keeper.
48thThornTown of thorns, from thorne.
49thWinterBorn in the winter, cold, the season, winter.
50thGreenGreen, lives near the village green, coming from a green place, the colour green.